Giving Thanks Day 4 & 5!

Bethany at her Official Adoption!

Today I’m thankful for my sisters, Hilary and Bethany! Hilary and I grew up together and Bethany was adopted into our family about a year ago…and we are so happy to have her! Hilary is very talented, smart, and loving…I am so blessed to have her in my life! She continues to amaze me with her creativity, amazing cheesecakes, and how great of an aunt she is to my girls. I also feel lucky to have Bethany in my life! She is smart, loving, and witty…and I love to watch her excel past the trauma she came from!  I know God has great plans for her and I can’t wait to see them come to fruition.

God, thank you for Hilary and Bethany! I am so blessed to have two beautiful sisters in my life that love me and my children! I pray that Hilary will be blessed in everything she does and that Your love, peace, and grace will reign over her. I thank you that Hilary is gifted in so many areas and I pray that she will continue to listen to Your guidance as she pursues her calling. God, I pray Bethany will be restored in her innocence and healed in her heart and mind. That Bethany will come into realization of her beauty, mental and physical capabilities, and begin to see herself the way my family and You see her…as Your beautifully gifted child. God, thank you for my sisters! 

The Doolittle Sisters

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